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What I Spent, What We Ate Did I stick to $100? What I Spent I mentioned last week that I really need to keep these last two weeks of July at $100 or less in order to finish up the month on budget. (I was kind of spendy for the first two weeks!) Let’s see how I did. I got my $25 Hungry Harvest b

Five Frugal Things I've done this week ... 1) I should have shared this last week but I completely forgot about it! It’s a good one so I’m sure you don’t mind me sharing it this week instead, right? Basically, Miss Frugal’s bedroom drawers fell apart and no amount of glue was going to

How Healthy is your Lunch? You all know that I’m a fan of taking my lunch to work for a couple of reasons – the main one being that lunch options where I work are quite limited and anything reasonably priced is a car journey away. I could easily spend £20 a week on lunch

How to make a pretty teacup candle using tea lights... Here's my cheat's version of a pretty teacup candle using tea lights and my favourite mug! Super easy, super cute and would make a great homemade gift!

Choosing a British run French Gite Hello Dear Reader, We’ve rented holiday accommodation in Brittany previously and had a mobile home on a site, a beach side holiday apartment and a rural gite so we’ve rented from the Fr...

100% whole fruit frozen snacks that taste good? Yup! Thank you to Froozer for sponsoring this post. All text, photos, and opinions are my own. What are Froozer frozen fruit snacks? You might remember that last summer, I introduced you all to Froozer, a small company that makes frozen fruit snacks. My k

Raised bed worm tower I have been reading about worm towers for quite some time and as I have 3 decent sized raised beds and 3 old flower pots to utilize, decided...

What Is The Common App? Facebook Live What is the Common App? It's an online portal through which students can apply to college. I'll be doing a Facebook Live to explain the Common App.

Save money on holiday medical costs Hello Dear Reader, We first went on holiday to France in 2005, we had phrase book French and I got mild food poiso...

52 New Recipes A new grilled pizza As you know, I have a grilled pizza recipe on the blog. It’s a decent recipe (or I wouldn’t have posted it!), but in a Cook’s Illustrated magazine (which I got from the library), I saw a really intriguing recipe for grilled pizza. This version

A few vegetables Welcome to suepoo via Bloglovin. Two or three thunderstorms here last night and a good amount of rain thank goodness, not too drastic but th...

Try out my amazing Amazon Discount Tool to find savings of up to 80%... Try out my amazing Amazon Discount Tool to find savings of up to 80% across all departments saving you lots of money and time hunting for great deals!

Eat Healthy On a Budget With These Frugal Fruit and Vegetables If your budget is tight, you need the most value for money. Frugal fruit and vegetables, high in nutrient to cost ratio, help you eat healthy on a budget.

Money Making Linky #3 Welcome to our Money Making Madness, a new fortnightly round up of some fantastic money making blog posts written by bloggers from all over the world. I am so excited to be joining forces with some amazing bloggers to bring you this!Welcome to our Mo

Mandi's Spending Fast Update: Overcoming Setbacks I officially finished the first month of my Spending Fast. Did I spend no money for an entire month? No, actually.

We have four phones on Ting now! I’m a paying Ting customer and have been for years now. Ting asked me to be an affiliate after I’d already been a customer, and all Ting enthusiasm from me is 100% legit. This post contains affiliate links, but it is not sponsored. When I first w

Productive back garden Thought it about time I showed you some of the back fruit garden. It is suffering a little from lack of rain but is managing to cope reasona...

Renting a cheap gite in France Hello Dear Reader, In 2015, when we were house hunting in France, we rented a gite for the first time and wondered why we’d never done so before. Previously, we’d camped (heck! that is...

Special Occasion Spending... Special Occasion Spending is something I budget for through the year so my #OccasionalSpending is always accounted for in my spending.

Thank You Hello My Family. If I have not said this enough I just want to say Thank You For being a Part Of My family and making each & Every Money ...

What You Should Do After an Interest Rate Hike After 7 years, the Bank of Canada finally raised its benchmark interest rate, and people everywhere are freaking out. Here’s what you should do instead.

What is Alex Guarnaschelli’s Net Worth? Alex Guarnaschelli is the executive chef of the New York City restaurant Butter. She is also a television personality appearing on several shows on The Food network and an author. At the age of 45, Alex Guarnaschelli has accumulated a net worth of ap

Five Frugal Things Plumbing Probs Edition This post contains affiliate links, which help keep the lights on around here at exactly $0 of extra cost to you. We are having some rather expensive plumbing problems right now (FYI, a crack in your vent pipe makes for a very smelly kitchen. So gros

How To Stop Eating Out According To Frugalwoods Readers The take-out monster!!! This was for Mr. FW’s bday a few years ago, so fear not, it was planned in advance :).

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